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Old Buildings


There was a TV show called ‘This old House’ about renovators who worked on older homes.

Old Buildings2019-10-08T17:50:40-05:00

Why the White House?


I like buildings: homes, apartments, condos, and big commercial buildings.

Why the White House?2019-08-13T16:33:15-05:00

Do Kids Like Mice?


Kids like pets: dogs, cats, birds, snakes, horses, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pigs, and cows. Almost any animal can be a pet.

Do Kids Like Mice?2019-08-13T16:34:50-05:00

Good Mice versus Bad Mice


Mice can make good pets, but mice are also good as laboratory animals.

Good Mice versus Bad Mice2019-08-13T16:34:27-05:00

Different Types of Mice


There are hundreds of types of mice that can be found around the world.

Different Types of Mice2019-08-13T16:34:10-05:00

What about mice?


Mice are small furry creatures. Many people from farmers to city people have had run-ins with mice.

What about mice?2019-03-12T23:15:05-05:00